Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a GREAt way to start off the Holidays !! Our trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico December 7-14th, 2008 !!!!

All the kids !! On our vacation's with the Rhodes family, it's a tradition for us to take a picture of the kids together oldest to youngest ! I love that we have (between us that is) ages : 11,10,9,8,7,5 and 2 !! So from oldest to youngest it goes... Mckenna, Kiana, Cason, Mila, Brevin, K.j. and Sela !!!
I LOVE the sun and being in the warmth !!! What a great trip !
Kenna and me in our coordinating suits !! (not planned but cute) :)

I had to tackle Cason down to take a picture this was our last day in Cabo and he was definitely pictured out !

Here is my other BESTEST friend in the whole wide world !!! We are sharing the greatest tamales ever !!! We bought them from a vendor on the beach !!! I often wonder how we don't get sick !! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD !!! (let me say Mexican food that is authentic) Kenna, Cason and Brevin sharing a brief moment of getting along and playing in the Sea of Cortez ! Lovers beach is in the background !
We were told to eat at the "Original"trailer park restaurant and we did. It was great food and my Mole was the best mole...except for the mole that we get from Rudy's mother when we go to Mazatlan!! Still looking for good mole in Utah ?!

Need I say more !!!! I just love Janie to pieces !!!
Thanks Janie for being such a GREAT friend and "sister" to me !!! We have had some AMAZING trips together and unforgettable memories and I know there are MANY more to come ! I am looking forward to it !!! LOVES !!!
How cute is jane's suit !!! Love it !
Yes this took us a few tries !! Hay what can we say... we are a little rusty, well ok so I TOTALLY speak for myself ! I'm jumping with a used to be dancer !! :)

Love the kids fort !! This is the making of Cason, Mila and Brevin !!! They would make one of these every day by the pool and would play all day ! They also loved to eat their lunch in their forts ! Good thing there was an unlimited supply of towels !! Scotty and I soaking up the sun !!!
The kids playing in the sand! Brevin is always the one to volunteer to be burried ! He LOVES being in the sand !!!

All the kids getting ready to jump off the sand "cliff"

Brevin , Mila and Cason swimming in the scuba pool !!! they loved this more than the regular pool !!

Kenna and Jordan hanging out in the scuba pool ! It's 8 feet 6 inches and it is used to certify people. It is at the Pueblo Bonito Rosa which is another Pueblo located Right in down town Cabo. We spent a day here because this is one of only a few beaches you can actually swim in ! But to all that may stay here it was the worst Mexican food that I have EVER had in Mexico !! Of course we gave in to the vendors that roam the beach ! Kenna had some of these bracelets made for her friends and each of the boys got one! We had a total of nine made, BUT Jane is really the one that kept them busy for mist of the day by having him personalize 30 bracelets for her !!!! YOU GO GIRL !!
The boys got there traditional henna tattoo's !! They have to get them every time we go to Mexico !!! It's scary to see how proud they are of their new tattoo's. Should I be worried ? I figure that if they can get fake ones they will never want a real one ? ... well lets hope !! Kenna also got a little heart on the top of her foot way cute !

What a cute litte boy ! "I LOVE YOU TOO "One night Jane, dusty Scotty and I went to the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica (It's an adults only resort) and had dinner ! It was Amazing food and we had a GREAT time ! We always have a great time with the Rhodes !!!

Scotty and I on lovers beach ! Cason wanted to take a picture of us infront of this "almost" cave in the rocks. We made it a quick picture cause the closer we got to the cave the more we realized it was used more at a potty stop for many I'm sure !!!
Pee-U !!!! many of you looking at this picture noticed Brevin tucked in the rocks ? He was trying to get out of the picture !! CUTE !! :)

Cason and Mila playing a GIANT game of checkers !!

Us in Cabo !!!! Where do I start ??? I have almost 300 pictures and so much to say but I will try to condense it as much as "I" possibly can !!! :) big grin !Jordan came with us to watch the kids when we went out at night to dinner and to be an extra set of eyes !! It was great to have her and the kids...especially kenna loved it !!
Jordan, Kenna and myself !

At the Pueblo Bonito Sunset resort you are not allowed to swim or for that matter touch the water, due to the extreme currents . So we just played in the sand instead !
from left to right: Kenna, me, scotty,Cason and Brevin !
The kids rocking away !!
From left to right: K.J, Brevin, Mila,Cason and in front Sela
All the Rhodes familia and the Bland Familia on the boat out to Lovers beach !!
Behind us it the famous Cabo Arch ! We are literally at the TIP of Baja !!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

HALLOWEEN 2008 AT THE RHODES HOUSE !! WHAT A GREAT TIME ! I can't beilieve another Holloween down, which means almost another year down !

Jane...I just love you to pieces !!! Thanks for being such a great friend in my life ! you just make me SMILE !!!

"Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons"
Shannon you rock girl , you are my idol !! Boston you are a great "Richard Simmons"

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night at the Rhodes was a Spooky good time. Kenna was dressed as a Zombie and just by chance our friend Joe Morton came as Micheal Jackson's Thriller Zombie.. We HAD to take a picture of the two of them together !!! LOVE IT !!! Mckenna and Kianna ! Cute little friends !
I I loved that almost all the mom's came dressed up !! Here are all beautiful costumes !!
These are all of Jane and Dusty's neighbors we LOVE that they include us in the mix !!
from left to right back row: Lucy, Daphne, Roxy, Shannon, Me, Jane (and Sela)
front row: Melanie, Caryn, Jen and Bethany!

We all got the "MEMO" to come as a WITCH !!

Here is most of the group ! What a fun evening ! THANKS Janie and Dusty !!
I'm now counting down for your New Year's Eve PARTY !!! Wa-Ho !

Halloween at daddy's office. The kids walked around to all the offices and trick or treated. P.M.I. has done this for a couple of years and all the employee's bring in their kids to trick or treat. There was an amazing turnout..400 plus people showed up !! What a great success !!!

We had the Kolman cousins in town for a couple of days from Colorado . Nathan, London,Taylor, Kylie, and Britney !! They spent the afternoon at our house and it was fun to hang with them. We needed something fun to do so I went to a nearby tree (In some one's yard...not sure who but I'm sure they don't mind) and picked some really cute small apples. We made Carmel apples. YUM. :) Wish we could have spent more time with them . Once a year is DEFINITELY not enough !!!!


The kids were "SO" excited to empty out the "gooey" stuff from their pumpkins...instead they all got grossed out and had daddy do it! What a good sport. Actually Brevin did quite a bit on his so I do have to give him props for that !! Good job Brev.

Brevin, Mckenna and Cason ! HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

Brevin is our little "HAM" and loved pretending to eat and sneeze out the "gooey" stuff in their pumpkins ! :)

Don't let the dirty hands fool you...Daddy did most all the clean out. Brevin did do quite a bit but Cason got pretty frustrated that the guts would not come out easier and gave up after about 3 pulls. This was the night of our school carnival so Cason has red hair.