Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

October 29th 2007

O.k I am really trying this out all by my self (with a few deperate phone calls to Jane when I am totally confussed on what I am doing !! ) I really am at home all by myeslf doing this, I am total trial and error so just bare with me. I have to admit this is not the first thing on my list of things to accomplish during my days, mostly because I Suck at it and it totally scares me just randomly hitting buttons on my computer !!!! But like Sara said it is like when I started running i could only run a block before I wanted to fall over and die. So I need to treat this like running...BABY STEPS !!! The only difference is I can actually break something doing this and so I am a little more timid. Needless to say for those that know me well enough you may already know that if I am intimidated at doing something I put it in the "Closet " and pretend it does not exist..."out of sight out of mind" ! Also I am a horrible speller and I know there is a spell check on this thing but I am not sure were so you may just have to deal with my spelling errors until I figure that out too . Remember as "Bob" would say "Baby Steps"! O.k to fill you all in on the life of the Blands. We went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico the first part of October and had a great time. I LOVE Mexico and loved Cabo, but it was not the same without the Rhodes , eating mole, painting pottery and hunting for crabs in Mazatlan. We got home from Cabo and in less than 48 hours I was on a plane headed to Boston to visit Kim Muir, who moved to the Boston area a few months ago ! We had a great time , It was so much fun seeing her and visiting her new home. I truely could live there, the beauty of the area is breath taking and I love how quant everything is . And the scoops of ice cream...well you can't beat it !!! Oh and I know they are happy the Red Soxs just won the World Series !!!!!!!! Anyway life is still crazy with Halloween in just a few days, Mckenna is going to be a "candy corn witch" while Cason and Brevin are following the starwars theme by being clones. (I think that is what they are called but honestly I can't remember... the important thing is that they like there costume, not that I know the name of it : ) ) I am dressing up as Sally from the Disney movie "A nightmare before Christmas". Well that is the latest on our fam and I will really try to keep this up at least once a week !!! love to all and remember we love and appreciate all of you !!!