Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kenna has joined the 6th grade cheer squad this year and is enjoying it... She doesn't think that she will continue doing it next year but will have fun till this year is over. !! I am actually happy about her not wanting to continue it...HOLY COW do you know how expensive it is !!!!!! But she sure is a doll and I cant believe how big she is getting. Quite a young lady !! :)

Jamie, Shauna and I had a great time in Las Vegas for a little girls get away !!! We did not see any shows or eat anywhere amazing...however we did have a GREAT time relaxing by the pool ( and holy cow people watching by the pool is almost more fun than people watching on the street ) We had a great time and totally enjoyed hanging out with each other and of course shopping !!!! What a great time and i can't wait to do it again! Unfortunately again might take a little longer than I'd like !! I think I'm completely addicted to traveling !!! LOVE IT !!

The sunsets up in the uinta's are amazing !! We just love to be outdoors ! And there is nothing better than a good old camp fire !

We loved Washington lake it was so beautiful. The kids loved to fish at the lake which was about 15 feet from our campsite. Brevin however confused himself for a fish and hooked his eye lid with his fishing hook. He was casting out and casted wrong and well right into his eyelid !! ouch !! and very scary but a relief when he started to blink knowing that it was not stuck in his eye. SO Mommy and Brevin took a trip into Kamas to see the local dr. All was well and we still have the fish hook in a container for a reminder ! :)

Bland family camping trip at Washington lake in the Uinta's. Kids love to spend time with cousins !! Who doesn't like to be dirty for 4 days ! :)