Friday, January 2, 2009


This is a tradition that I wanted to keep going from my family. We always had fresh squeezed orange juice and just a great breakfast with all the trimmings . this is Nana making the fresh squeezed O.J !! Brevin and I were in charge of the scrambled eggs and sausage
Cason was in charge of setting the table for our YUMMY feast !

Scotty was in charge of the Bacon
And Kenna was in charge of the pancakes!!

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Jen said...

Love the new posts! I left my camera up at Mom's so I'm going crazy that I can't update mine! Christmas was a blast this year!! So many posts, I never know which one to leave a comment the breakfast, love the heated blanket (I SO need one of those), love the slippers, the pictures of your kids are freaking adorable, love the tree and the house looks great!