Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas eve we went to jump on it in the morning and then back to Tim and Amber Mclain's house. We are not technically related but we are so close that we consider them family !! They spend every Christmas eve with the "Kolman" family !!
We had a Mexican fiesta theme and it turned out wonderful ! definitely a must for next year as well ! The party ended about 3 and we all headed our own directions for the remainder of Christmas eve. !! me, mom, Julie and Jen !
Sweet little Kennedy !! She finally gave up !! :)

Here are all the boy cousins playing x-box !!

Christmas eve we all went to jump on it ! The kids had a great time and loved hanging out with their cousins !!

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Jen said...

I love the picture of Kennedy! I wish she would do that more often. You really do remember that you love your kids when they're sleeping :)