Friday, January 2, 2009


I always look forward to getting new slippers from Scotty every christmas morning!! And for all that know me I LOVE SLIPPERS !!! I wear them always !! Even in the summer I wear flip flop slippers !! Scotty did an amazing job as always picking me out some great ones ! This is what the family room looked like before it was destroyed by the kids ! Santa came and left each of the kids gifts in thier own santa bags with thier name on it !! The kids loved that they each had their own "bag" and not just a pile !
Kenna showing off her new wallet and a new ring !

Brevin LOVES shoes (about as much as I love slippers) !!! I had to get Brev one more toy (so that the amount of presents was even between the kids) and he wanted shoes instead !! He pick out these DC shoes black with bright green wirting ! Not my fav. but he Loves them !!! :) Seriously I think this was his favorite present of the day !!
Cason is our vidoe game player !! He is AMAZING at them. He was way excited that Santa got him the "Spore" game !

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